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Two Kings Of The World: Norway And Germany Relations

Both countries started diplomatic relations in 1905, after Norway’s Democratic independence. During World War II, Norway was under attack by Nazi Germany, lasting from between 1940-1945. Nowadays Germany has an embassy in Oslo which also capital of Germany, and Norway has an embassy in Berlin and two consulates, in Dusseldorf and Hamburg.

Both countries are full members of NATO, and of the Council Of Europe. There are around To promote the German-Norwegian relations in 1982, the German-Norwegian society and 1988, the German-Norwegian Friendship Society were founded. After the collepse of the Berlin Wall, both countries have developed their relations softly.
In nowadays relations of between this two countries get more and more important in International area. It’s because of the new policy and plans of settlement of Arctic Zone. As we know both country have a big potential of Trade, Marketing, Technology and industrial Power. And also geographicly Norway inside the Arctic Zone and Germany is nearside.

Both country has agreements subjects about security policy, for example, or environmental and energy policy. Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Norway in February 2013 about  following the terrorist attacks of 22 July 2011 was appreciated in Norway. Approximately 81 per cent of Norway’s total exports go to EU member countries. Germany accounts for 11.1 per cent, or EUR 13.8 billion, making it the third largest export destination for Norwegian goods and services.

Norway is Germany’s second most important supplier of energy. Some 42 per cent of Western Europe’s conventional oil and gas reserves belong to Norway. Norway’s oil and gas exports accounted for 21.5 per cent of the country’s GDP in 2013, oil and gas products making up nearly 60 per cent of Norway’s total exports.

      The minister of Norway went to Hamburg Halderskammer in 6 February 2012 and said, ‘’ Yesterday  I participated at the meeting of the foreign ministers of the Council of the Baltic Sea States,     Development of the region and exploring the potential for increased regional cooperation, with a focus on energy. We adopted a declaration on regional energy security. Strong commitment from the northern German Bundesländer to develop economic cooperation within the framework of the Baltic Sea Cooperation. Norway and Germany: Close and mutually beneficial relationship on a wide range of issues. With regard to the EU, Germany backs us in matters even though we are not a member, Norway’s most important economic partner in Europe of Germany. You play an important role. No matter how many deals are sealed in Brussels, Berlin or Oslo, politicians do not do business. If they are not careful, they can undo business, but that is another matter. Energy is important for safeguarding Europe’s growth in the future, and one region of cooperation is the north. Europe is facing profound challenges when it comes to energy security.  The Arctic/Barents Sea will become an important European energy province. Norwegian oil and gas industry is moving northwards. New discoveries in the Barents Sea (in Skrugard, Norvarg, Havis). Considerable potential in the Barents Sea.’’                          Burak Dimli/20100405036

Minister’s Speech
http://www.regjeringen.no/nb/dokumentarkiv/stoltenberg-ii/ud/taler-ogartikler/2012/tale_hamburg.html?id=672134                  Kaynak Araştırma Saati: 13.10.2014  21:19
Federal Foreign Office Statement

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