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Turkish Airlines Keeps Growing in Africa

Turkish Airlines, which has achieved the fastest growth momentum and is one of the most preferred airlines, grabs attention along with its destinations increased in number in the African continent. THY celebrated this achievement with ‘African Night’ program conducted in Grand Hotel in Brussels.

Turkish Airlines, which is the most rapidly growing airlines company, has increased number of its destinations in Africa due to the increasing number of travel programs conducted. Turkish Airlines, which has achieved the fastest growth momentum and is one of the most preferred airlines, grabs attention along with its destinations increased in number in the African continent. THY celebrated this achievement with “African Night” program conducted in Grand Hotel in Brussels.

Central Europe Vice President Fatih Cigal, THY Manager in Brussels Mustafa Yıldırım, THY representatives in African states, Brussels Ambassador Hakan Olcay, South Africa Ambassador Janine van Rooy, Tanzania Ambassador Diodorus B. Kamala, Gabon Ambassador Ongouori Ngoubili, Mauritania Ambassador Keppab, Rwanda Ambassador Robert Masozera, and Senegalese, Sudanese, Nigerian and Cameroonian authorities and authorities from many other African states attended the night.

Fatih Cigal stated in his opening speech that Turkish Airlines has an 80 years of history, connects 231 countries in 6 continents and won the best European airlines award, and continued his speech mentioning that in the present day THY conducts flights to 34 destinations in 24 different states in Africa and their weekly number of flights from Brussels is 170.

Brussels Ambassador Hakan Olcay, emphasizing the fact that affairs among Turkey and Africa is not based on self-interest, stated that relationships are getting tight year-by-year and it is THY who makes the greatest contribution in an effort to connect countries. Best in Europe According to Skytrax 2013, Turkish Airlines (THY) is crowned “the Best Airlines in Europe” award. With this award, Turkish Airlines has named the best in Europe three times in a row.

This article was taken from “Africa Time” magazine by demanding all necessary permissions for copyright.



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