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Turkey’s Infrastructural Investment On Africa Is Huge

Turkish contractors got famous through various projects in a lot of country, and now it is on the way to 400 billion-dollar-investment made on highway and railway in Africa. Projects planned to be complete until 2020 will play a significant role in the development of Africa.

Intercontinental demand for the success of Turkish contractors who made name before the world is still on rampage. Turkish contractors plan to make serious infrastructural investments on Africa till 2020. These contractors desire to perform prospective studies especially on the African continent, and they record that making investments on the future of the continent that is under infrastructural deficiencies and making contributions are their wish.

Total investments, which are planned to be 400 billion dollars until 2020, are expected to considerably make up infrastructure, highway and railway shortages.

Turkish construction sector gradually growing in the last years puts its signature under important successes outside the country. Turkish contractors got famous through various projects in a lot of country, and now it is on the way to 400 billion-dollar-investment made on highway and railway in Africa. Projects planned to be complete until 2020 will play a significant role in the development of Africa. Moreover, Turkey aims to share its constructional experience with African countries. The Turkish Employer’s Association of Construction Industry (İNTES) will share experience with Africa by giving courses on infrastructural and constructional issues, and has been gaining ground.

The Turkish Employer’s Association of Construction Industry, İNTES, provided training for Nigerian investment enterprises some time ago; now it is going to train Nigerien technocrats.

İNTES will provide training for a ten-person committee consisting of representatives of Nigerien investment enterprises, architects and engineers on technical issues and consultancy services in Turkey. This will enable Turkish contractors to export their experience for the purpose of development of Africa, too.

This article was taken from “Africa Time” magazine by demanding all necessary permissions for copyright.



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