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Richest African In The World

Aliko Dangote, the international finance magazine Forbes, who is defined as world’s 43rd richest name by comes first among African entrepreneurs.

Merchandising in the fields of food, sugar, rice, construction, textile, cement and other various things, Aliko Dangote declared his net wealth as 12 billion dollars. Aliko Dangote has an approximately 10 billion-dollar-share in Nigerian exchange and puts his stamp on history as world’s richest African being on the world’s richest 40 African list declared by Forbes this week.


Chairman of the Board Aliko Dangote was born in Kano, Nigeria in 1957 and made an exorbitant fortune by improving himself. Dangote Group started its business life as a small scaled merchandising concern in 1977. Dangote Group is a well-known company in Africa thanks to its flawless business practices and company identity consisting of Africa’s multifarious business groups. Danote Group contains various products and investment items within its body and creates fields of business such as cement (production/import), sugar (production), refined salt, refined flour and semolina, macaroni, logistics, port management and estate. Dangote Group is currently world’s largest third company with its 800 thousand tons of sugar production capacity. Apart from these, Dangote Group holds salt and flour production factories and it is a significant importer when it comes to rice, fish, macaroni, cement and fertilizer as well. Also the Group, exporting cotton, cashew apple, cacao, sesame and cinnabar to various countries, makes great investments on immovables, banking, transportation, textile and petroleum and gas oil. Dangote Group employs more than 11 thousand personnel within its body, and it the biggest industrial enterprise system of entire West Africa.

List of the richest Africans and their wealth is as follows:

1. DangoteAlico Dangote from Nigerian

(12 Billion Dollars)

2. Nicky Oppenheimer and his family from South Africa

(6,4 Billion Dollars)

3. Johann Ruğert and his family from South Africa

(5,7 Billion Dollars)

4. Nasif Saviris from Egypt

(5,5 Billion Dollars)

5. Mike Adenuga from Nigeria

(4,6 Billion Dollars)

6. Christoffel Wiese from South Africa

(3,7 Billion Dollars)

7. Osman Benjelloun from Morocco

(2,75 Milyar Dolar / Billion Dollars)

8.Patrice Motsepe from South Africa

(2,65 Billion Dollars)

9. Necip Saviris from Egypt

(2,5 Billion Dollars)

10. Muhammed Mansur from Egypt

(2.2 Billion Dollars)

This article was taken from “Africa Time” magazine by demanding all necessary permissions for copyright.



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