Marsa Alam is a holiday resort in southern Egypt, located on the shore of the Red Sea. Marsa Alam, which was once a little seaside town but now possesses a large tourism capacity, is a very special place particularly for diving.

The airport opened in 2001 on the north of the city within 60 km distance, significantly contributed to the growth of city and its tourism potential. Marsa Alam, a very popular holiday resort nowadays, attracts the attention of tourists with its legendary marine life. Marsa Alam is a spectacular place in which you can experience a very special diving experience and see shipwrecks along with reefs.

The most advantageous thing you will have while having holiday in Marsa Alam is to be in close range with the inland tourism of history. For instance, they arrange special activities if you desire to experience a bedouin culture. You can see the pyramids anytime you wish, then continue your marine holiday after participating in a desert safari.

For the ones who wish to find the place on the map, Marsa Alam is located on the southeast of Egypt.

In Marsa Alam sea surface temperatures are constantly high throughout the year. The sea surface temperature in summer is 29 C and even in February likely to be as 23 C even in February.

Marsa Alam,in which you can attend to diving lessons regardless of seasons and able to live a diving experience, is also the right place if you wish to swim with sharks and see vast coral reefs.

Marsa Alam is preferred mostly by German, Swiss, Austrian and Italian tourists along with English, Russian, Belgian, French and Polish ones. In total, there are 69 hotels including the ones that have a coast on the Red Sea within the area.

Wadi El Gamal National Park is Egypt’s third biggest valley. The place contains a diversity of animal life while offering a spectacular view of sunset to the visitors.Marsa Alam is in need of protection due to its unique beauty and thus many ecological activists work hard in order to protect the precious marine and coastal ecosystem.

Marsa Alam is indeed a fascinating paradise! It is famous for its coral reefs and the hottest sea in the world. You can see the sunshine everyday.

It is a great place for desert and mountain safaris. It has been recorded as the best place in the world to listen chill out music.

* This article was taken from “Africa Time” magazine (November 2014 Edition) by demanding all necessary permissions for copyright.


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