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Beginning Of The First Turkish Governmant Untill 90’s USA – TURKEY Relations

During the War of Independence America took the side of the occupying states against Turkey and invasion was supported by naval of US Army.Usually US army remain neutral during the occupation.But as the sea coast cities like Samsun, this was bombarded by ships belonging to the US navy. Between the years 1919-1927, the American High Commissioner Admiral Bristol, was also influential in the early years of the relationship.

Republic of Turkey establishing close economic relations with the United States was founded. During Lausanne Peace Treaty, USA gave political support to Turkey.At the beginning of 1923 in Turkey agreed Chester Incentives Law for American companies to invest and grow Turkey’s Economy. In the last months of World War II,Republic of Turkey taking sides with the United States and its allies declared war against Germany. U.S. Senate in 1947 to protect the Western bloc against the Soviet Union as part of the Truman Doctrine Turkey has approved an economic and military aid package. United States to declare the Truman Doctrine in 1947. The doctrine enunciated American intentions to guarantee the security of Turkey and Greece, and resulted in large scale U.S. military and economic support.

Soviet leader Stalin’s territorial demands against Turkey took place near the United Nations in the Korean War. Joined NATO in 1952 and in 1955 was among the founding members of CENTO. Throughout the Cold War, Turkey was the bulwark of NATO’s southeastern flank, directly bordering Warsaw Pact countries and risking nuclear war on its soil during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Turkey received around 2.5 billion dollars in military aid from 1950 to 1970. America’s the greatest privilege in Turkey, the United States has given permission to install the Incirlik Air Base on South East of Turkey. These bases was used in the Cold War I., Gulf War and the Iraq War. Turkey’s most important international relationship has been with the United States since the end of the Second World War and the beginning of the Cold War. Turkey views the Iraq war as a significant threat because northern Iraq acts as a safe-haven for a Kurdish terrorist organisation, the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

80’S Relations And Arms Embargo

1974 Because of the Turkey for failing to stop grows poppy cultivation, America has put an economic embargo against Turkey. After Turkey-Cyprus operations, the U.S. government showed what is  the reasons of embargo.(include this operation also). For lifting the arms embargo, America has requested from Turkey to withdraw the troops on Northern Cyprus. Because of this arms embargo, Turkey governmant understood their addiction to America and the establishment of the Turkish Defense Industry was established. Many important Turkish defense industry company that is established in this period.

Attila Operation

The 1980s and 1990s

With Turkey in the 1980s, Generally  have been observed warm relations between the U.S. Government between Turkish government. During this period, the Armenian issue and the Cyprus problem, Turkey-US relations get cold, Although relations were generally positive levels of development. Prime Minister and President Turgut Ozal during the Gulf War, with U.S. President George W Bush was a very close follow a policy of solidarity. In this period, Turkey was close Kirkuk-Yumurtalik oil pipeline carrying Iraqi oil. Also after Süleyman Demirel and Tansu Chiller government have imposed flight ban in northern Iraq after the war practiced by NATO.

1980 Coup In Turkey

Basicly The Armed Forces/Military of Turkey has been captured the government. With this intervention as Prime Minister Süleyman Demirel government was dismissed. Parliament were distributed. The 1961 Constitution, the application has been removed. Party leaders were tried in courts .That performs the 1980 coup,the lead actors Kenan Evren, Tahsin Şahinkaya, Neja Tümen All events are  were prosecuted for crimes under international law. The political reasons of coup;,political impotence, political assassinations, and the Sharia actions… The economic reasons: Suleyman Demirel(prime minister before coup) told in one speech ”We even needy 70 cents”.The increase in the trade deficit and foreign exchange bottleneck, unemployment, famine and workplace disputes are other reasons. United States, through the CIA support and effect coup in Turkey. When The coup happened in Turkey, President of USA Jimmy Carter told ”Our kids finished the job”… The security reasıns; protests, boycotts, different political opinions and the university fights, terrorist attacks…

USA’s Effects on 1980 Coup In Turkey

Basicly Coup in 1980  is  very interesting and broad topic .Thesis can be written on it was even written.American and CIA influence on 1980 coup, It is an irrefutable fact. Turkish investigative journalist Mehmet Ali Birand, In the book he wrote he published conversations with U.S. National Security Council of Turkey Desk Officer Paul Henze. After Paul Henze denied all the talk but it was a lie because after this comment Mehmet Ali Birand published interview’s audio and video records was denied by posting Henze. At the beginning of the coup, a group of Turkish intellectuals, young university students went to protest for American vessels on Istanbul Strait. In those intellectuals students there was a strong idealist Deniz Gezmiş,Hüseyin İnan,Yusuf Aslan.These young people knew the Amarica’s impact,influence on Turkey. they knew that american capitalist companies corrupts the Turkish economy. These young people because of their protest were arrested and executed after a military coup.

1980 Coup

Burak Dimli



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