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ACCA Gives Africa A Back

Africa is leaving the anguished experiences of its ill history behind and is taking serious steps in direction with becoming a binding force in the world.

African Countries Cooperative Association, known by you with the abbreviated form ACCA, was founded in Antalya so as to help development of African- Turkish relations. ACCA, giving a start to its studies in accordance with various assistance and cooperation campaigns in terms of commercial, cultural and economic issues, will totally change your understanding of Africa.

ACCA, presidency of which is assumed by Mustafa MADANOĞLU, was founded for the purpose of giving material and moral support to African countries and will extend its hand to Africa in all spheres with its commissions contained within itself. ACCA will perform studies on economic, political, social and cultural structures of African countries, and it will support R&D and will develop programs in direction with strengthening cultural, social, economic and political bounds among Turkey and African countries. Guidance to the agencies and institutes, students, researchers and academicians going to African countries within the scope of the programs is one of ACCA’s establishment purposes. ACCA hit the road performing cultural and social activities to change Africa’s image before the world. Because Africa, being popular in the world’s agenda with its civil wars and financial issues so far, is now discovering its power. Especially for the last 10 years, it has been discovering its potential power. The thing here was that Africa had to discover its potential power. Africa is leaving the anguished experiences of its ill history behind and is taking serious steps in direction with becoming a binding force in the world.

Continuity of these steps will be possible only with the help of correct, successful and stable investments. Our association, having such a vision to transfer these investments to Africa, is performing studies with an intention to establish serious commercial and moral relations among Africa and Turkey. Important thing here is to provide continuance of these investments and be in the right place in the right time to convey proper investments to the target points.

First of all, we would like to talk about ACCA’s associational activities; We have 20 commissions within our association. These are separated in accordance with their spheres of activity, i.e.: -Industry and Commerce Commission, -Health Commission, -Construction Commission, -Education Commission, -Information and Technology Commission, -Logistics Commission, -Export and Import Commission. With the help of managers that are leading commissions and are experts in their fields, functionality of commissions is ensured professionally. For example, the Education Commission carries out educational projects regarding employment of young people that are living in Africa and are unemployed and their getting trained in Turkey in different fields of work.

Young people will be provided  employment in the education centers to be established in Turkey following trainings given by experts in the fields specified in line with demands; they will no more be unemployed when they return to their countries, perhaps they will be qualified enough to set up their own businesses. Then, educational organizations will be conducted in Turkey in order to introduce latest developments to the African mayors and instill new perspectives.

Being engaged in such activities, we would love to mention that we consider social cooperation issues important as an association. Moreover, ACCA is in contact with the African university students living in Antalya in Turkey and has got the chance to meet with them. We provide all sorts of material and moral assistance to the student group naming themselves as AFROTALYA and try to make it easy for them to complete their education in a peaceful atmosphere.

Everyone knows that African continent is a cradle to the most archaic civilizations in the history of humanity and it is the people of this matchless continent who suffered greatest pains of the modern times. What we desire is to share your happiness and to plan a better future on behalf of your prospective generations. In addition to this, we cooperate with our African friends in our association headquarter and recognize each other better in time.

Before anything else, Africa means nature; it means hope for life, hope, culture and preserving one’s soul; and above all it means respect for your life. As an association, our vision is to protect these values together with Africa. Because we are the Africans… Africa is us, and we are Africa.


This article was taken from “Africa Time” magazine by demanding all necessary permissions for copyright.



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